My most memorable picture


My most memorable picture is not the fanciest one at all. It doesn´t show the biggest cake or the most glamorous flower arrangement and at the same time it couldn´t be more perfect than it is. Read the whole story to understand why =) …

That day was totally my taste ♥ location ♥ fire place ♥ DIY ♥ the LOVE story ♥ simplicity ♥ music ♥ natural ♥ real ♥MelanieHoeld_bestPIC_0003

I was sold, when her marvelous voice filled the whole tent and everybody became quiet. Her words were full of love, compassion and strength. The black/white picture above of the kiss after her song shows my most memorable moment so far. Some moments are bigger than any word …

Moments like this are the reason „WHY I became a wedding photographer 7 years ago.“ I wanna create LIFE long memories full of passion and love in this beautiful lightful but also very fragmented world. To show that LOVE is what keeps us alive. May this world be in peace with all the diversity and beauty it provides us.

♥ With all my love from my heart to yours ♥




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